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WELL AP exam prep training

Originally hosted live by our very own WELL AP and WELL Faculty member, Alex Spilger, this five-part virtual training series unpacks the seven concepts and individual features within the WELL Building Standard v1 to help you prepare for the WELL AP exam. Featuring quizzes and homework activities, Alex leverages his project experience and in-depth knowledge of the WELL AP exam, to guide your study journey from beginning to end.

A special thank you to our course sponsor Delos for bringing this virtual training series to computer screens around the world.

These exam prep materials will help you prepare for the current WELL AP exam based on WELL Building Standard v1. Please note, the current version of the exam will be retired in early September 2021 and replaced later that month with a new WELL AP exam based on WELL v2. The last date to sit for the current WELL AP exam is September 5, 2021. Learn more about the new WELL AP exam coming in 2021.


Alex offers an introduction to the on-demand series, providing context on the live sessions and some advice for getting started.

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1. Get to know the WELL Building Standard

In the first session, Alex breaks down what to expect in the WELL AP exam and provides an overview of the WELL Building Standard, including the seven-concept framework.

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2. Explore WELL Concepts: Air & Water

In the second session, Alex dives into the Air and Water concepts and guides you feature-by-feature zeroing in on what you need to know in order to pass the WELL AP exam successfully.

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3. Explore WELL Concepts: Nourishment & Light

In the third session, Alex dives into the Nourishment and Light concepts.

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4. Explore WELL Concepts: Fitness & Comfort

In the fourth session, Alex dives into the Fitness and Comfort concepts.

Please note, the practice exam that Alex refers to as homework was downloadable for a limited time only (April - May 2020) and is no longer available. 

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5. Explore WELL Concept: Mind & Summary

In this final session, Alex dives into the Mind concept, and shares a final summary and his secret tips for passing the WELL AP exam.

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Final Thoughts

You've made it! In the conclusion of the on-demand series, Alex shares final updates and last-minute advice. 

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Throughout the series, Alex refers to the GreenStep WELL AP Exam Study Guide and practice exams available through Building Green. Alternatively, explore additional study resources available to you through IWBI.


Please note that these exam prep sessions are not eligible for continuing education credits

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